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| Introduction

First established in 1996, Hunan Guang Ji Law firm is one of comprehensive pioneer law firms first established in Hunan Province. Our experienced and balanced legal team is composed of more than 30 registered lawyers, legal assistants and paralegals, most of which have Bachelor of Laws degrees (J.D. equivalent), Master of Laws degrees (L.L.M equivalent) or even higher legal degrees. Many of our senior lawyers are well known after practicing successfully for more than fifteen years, and they work together efficiently with our smart and ambitious young lawyers. Many of our lawyers are engaged to sit as local arbitrators.

Since our first day of establishment until today, we have always adhered to the high standards of integrity and being reasonable, practical, diligent and responsible by constantly providing high quality professional services in a teamwork style. During these years, we dealt with a large number of complex and famous cases, many of which entered into the Supreme Court case bulletins. We have a wide range of satisfied customers, including different levels of government agencies, large enterprises, listed companies, organizations and private citizens. We work closely with the community and we are widely recognized for our professionalism, cooperation and hard work. For many years, our firm has been awarded the title of “the Outstanding Law Firm”.

Our firm is conveniently located next to Hunan Provincial High Court, with first-class office buildings, modern facilities and the latest, authoritative legal library.

| MainLegalBusinessScopes

  • Corporate Law/Company Law
  • Real Property and Construction Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance Law
  • Labor Law
  • Dispute Resolution / Litigation and Arbitration
  • ther Non-litigation Legal Affairs

| Fees

Fees (Summary)

1 Hourly rate: RMB 200 to RMB 1,000 per hour.
2 By case/piece and proportional to the target/disputed amount:
2.1 Legal document drafting
2.2 Consulting services to criminal suspects (limited to pre-trial)
2.3 Criminal Cases
2.4 Civil cases and administrative cases
2.5 Arbitration Cases